Saturday, December 16, 2006

answers to the first quiz

1. giancarlo fisichella , the reason being a time keeping error which made an error of a lap down on fisi who was actually a lap ahead of kimi

2.boman irani


4. indiana jones and the temple of doom

5.harry potter

6.guiness book of world record



9. googol(10^100)

10. european union
thanks to tathagata and adamya for responses and trying hard

Thursday, December 07, 2006

espn cricket quiz

espn is organising a cricket special quiz on 9th december

the venue is
indian institute of mass communication
vasant kunj

p.s. team of 2 and same college only

Monday, December 04, 2006

question of the day

cosworth, michelin, tobbacco companies, __________
connect them and thus finish the sequence

identify the novel

First quiz

1. Lets start up with f-1, in a rare event in brazillian grand prix 2003 winner kimi raikonnen was unceremonously adjudged 2nd and some other driver was declared winner, who and why.

2.This very popular actor today made his small screen debut for throat drops 'smyle', who??

3. One of my favorite question, when did shahrukh khan and aamir khan appear in the same scene of a movie?

4.A rare for indians , in which movie was amrish puri directed by the great steven spielberg??

5.when asked if there were any real x this person replied that i have never heard
of a newborn baby named x, there is a barrister in london who became cool in his grandchildren's eyes, a soldier who died in WWII and a clockmaker who worked in the last century.identify x??(quite a workable one and that is the hint)

6.a cryptic question, what got into itself after 19 years of its existence??

7.ok for all of my friends, who created the character chacha chowdhary???

8.which comic was initially named as m l j comics??

9.ok now a tough one(but a workable one)

10.identify the logo on the top of question one

plz email ur answers to and i will give out the answers on 10th of dec.
do google the questions as when u google u learn

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Upcoming Quiz Alerts

quizzing season is almost there for DU

with two quizzes in this week things are only looking up

quiz at LSR on 5th November 10am

quiz at Ramjas on 10th November 1pm

keep looking at this place 4 more updates.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Upcoming quiz alert

Quizzes at Jaypee institute of information technology

there are going to be a lot of quizzes at jaypee, noida

there fest is called Jive06

go to the link

and then go to schedule

quizzes are called
ctrl+a(general quiz)
quizically yours(sports quiz)

heard of this fest on radio so probably some good sponsors are on there side.

Quiz at IGIT

first of all sorry for not posting the date of the quiz.

my computer and net were down.

Anyway back to the quiz.

First thing i have established abiut girls colleges


Unfortunately, it was not in the case of IGIT alas.

Prelims were very harsh as they were mcqs on top of that related to the set theory questions and partly puzzles(something that goes very back in IGIT)

We qualified as 3rd highest scorers in the prelims

Now came the finals.

For the first time in my entire life i saw 12 teams in a final round of a quiz, whew.

Amazing rules of the quiz were overshadowed by the highly jovial anchor of the quiz who would rather do well on a ramp rather than a dias.

questions were good only with one major problem
you could get options and even if you answered wrong with options the question passed.
ingenious creation by IGIT

the quiz was an innovation in itself.

few of the questions were

who wrote 'the moonwalk'?
i missed a unique in cricket by just 6 runs when i was dismissed of the bowling of sachin tendulkar and caught by saurav ganguly,Identify?
apart from ferrari and renault which was the other team to register a win in season 2006?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Quiz at JMC

there was quiz at jesus and mary convent today

sorry for not posting the information

A good quizmaster was appointed for quiz conduct and some good questions were there.

though the ratio of workable questions was very small.

anyway my team came joint third with three other teams

we lost out in tie break

few of the questions were
Of which game are Misty May and Kerri Walsh world champions ?
what was started by stockholms branco in 1660?

also there were visual identify questions which had
lakshmi mital
hewlett and packard(we got tht one)
steve bing
bimal jalan

combined team from KMC,Hindu,RLA came 1st
SRCC team came second
St. Stephens got the third place

Friday, October 27, 2006

Delhi quiz club

this blog is created to create a name for delhi having some quizzing tradition

though we have had great quizzers but our quizzing tradition is not at par with

as that of bangalore or kolkata or pune etc.

this blog is an honest effort to serve as a medium among quizzers

to know about upcoming quizzes

to act as backlog for the quizzes conducted

to develop the skills and joys of quizzing